"Collective Uncommon: Seven Orchestral Studies on Medical Oddities" 2010/12


3243 - 4331 - 3Perc - Timp - Hrp - Pno/Cel - Str

The Work

This collection of pieces for orchestra is inspired by the Mütter Museum, a medical oddities museum in Philadelphia. Each movement of Collective Uncommon contains an explicit characterization of a museum artifact expressed through a compositional genre.

The Composer

Brian Ciach (born 1977) is an award-winning composer and new music pianist from Philadelphia, whose music has been described as "remarkably inventive" (Herald Times) and "beautifully scored, always clear and full of arresting sounds and images, held together by intuitive dramatic plans that draw the listener in" (Aaron Jay Kernis, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer). His music is evocative and attractive in its imagery, often using intrepid instrumentation and imaginative formal concepts woven from a free and accessible tonal language.