"...from the last breath" 2014


3333 - 4331 - Timp - 1Perc - Hrp - Str

The Work

Three distinct elements define the sound and structure of this piece. Each one of them is created to give musical life to a particular emotional state. The colors of the orchestra´s low register are used to describe a state of pain. A fast, oscillating chromatic motif wandering through all instrumental sections, underlaid with small changes of harmony, evokes a mood of despair. Thirdly, an elegant melody, accompanied by simple harmonies is used to describe the feeling of recovery from loss and hurt. The compositional work of Daniel Davis focuses on spreading out the whole orchestral palette to explore and experience the relationship of sonic elements through color, sound, and emotion.

The Composer

Daniel studied composition with Sérgio Azevedo, António Pinho Vargas, and Luís Tinoco. His primary interest lies in spectral music and the development of an elaborated compositional process. Daniel´s method of creating music can be compared to the construction of a Swiss Watch, involving many carefully arranged parts and details, shaping subtle transformations from one sonic element to another. Composers who influenced his music are Thomas Adès, Julian Anderson, Robbin Holloway, Lutoslawski, Mahler, Sibelius, and Beethoven.