"Supposed Spaces" 2010


3222 - 4231 - 3Perc - Pno - Str

The Work

Supposed Spaces explores the intersection between music and architecture. The work aims to evoke a journey through an imaginary building with various extraordinary rooms, corridors and spaces. As a composer, I am interested in the similarities between a physical architectural experience and an abstract listening experience. Each room is defined by a general atmosphere (hushed, dark, joyous, manic, serene, etc.), but also by more specific elements: room dimensions, amount of light in the room, function of the room, etc. These attributes are translated into music, generating unique structures for organizing rhythm, pitch and other musical characteristics.

The Composer

Brian Harman’s compositions are frequently inspired by extra-musical ideas such as technology, architecture, dance, and concepts of ritual. In 2016 he was the recipient of the KM Hunter Artist Award for Music. In 2013 he worked closely with Georges Aperghis at the Impuls Festival (Austria). His orchestral work Supposed Spaces was selected to be part of Canada’s 2013 submission to World New Music Days. Brian received his Doctor of Music from McGill University in 2012.