"Restart" 2015


3333 - 4331 - 4Perc - Str

The Work

RESTART is a metaphor about the anarchy that runs through my head. RESTART is my freedom, to do, to think and to share with others. It is a question and maybe not an answer. I believe that could be a political statement. Thought is anarchist. This score is anarchist. Although a score is never anarchist. But this is almost anarchist. RESTART is a small Bach's choral painted by Francis Bacon. RESTART is a painting by Francis Bacon that he never actually painted.
RESTART is an aggression to the word - the verbal language. This language invented religion. Separated people. Music, just music, never. It is anarchist like me.

The Composer

Nuno da Rocha studied Composition with Vasco Mendonça, Carlos Marecos, Luís Tinoco, Carlos Caires and António Pinho Vargas. He took masterclasses with composers such as Nigel Osborne, Louis Andriessen, Richard Ayres, Martijn Padding, Jan van de Putte, Micheal Smetanin and Helena Tulve. He was selected to take part in the ENOA Workshop "Composing for Voice" with Magnus Lindberg and Barbara Hannigan. In September 2014 his orchestral work "I could not think of thee as piecèd rot" for Soprano and Orchestra was performed by the Gulbenkian Orchestra and the soprano Inês Simões conducted by Magnus Lindberg. Nuno da Rocha is one of the nominated composers for the TOTEM (Théâtre Opéra Texte et Écriture musicale) 2017-18 at the Festival d’Avignon in France.